What is Required to Complete the Immigration Legalities?

What is Required to Complete the Immigration Legalities?

It goes without saying that every immigrant needs immigration legalities. There are many reasons to acquire immigration legalities but these legalities are essential to ensure that the immigrant makes it on the tax-payers list. The taxpayer list is a long list that goes by names like:

  • social security number
  • employer identification number
  • passport
  • visa number

Without proper immigration legalities in hand, the immigrant may find it difficult to stay legally in any country, under certain schemes and programs.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

In order to help the client attain the highest chance at staying legally, one of the best avenues to pursue is hiring immigration lawyers. Immigration lawyers are professionals who are skilled in handling cases as they relate to immigration law. They are the experts when it comes to applying for visas.

Proof of citizenship

Another important area of immigration legalities is the proof of citizenship. This proves to the immigration authorities that the person applying for immigration is who he says he is. Proof of citizenship is mandatory when the immigrant is required to have a social security card, a passport, or any other important document as evidence.

Hire an Attorney

To aid the client in meeting the legalities of immigration Quebec Canada from Oman, the attorney can provide information on the proper way to file the appropriate form. When an immigrant applies for status, he must file the appropriate form with the Department of Labor. The form can be downloaded online or printed out and filed. When this is done, the applicant will need to wait for his visa number.

 Chances of Approval of Immigration

When asked about the best chance for success of Canada immigration, the answer to the question is found in the documentation provided by the attorney. If the applicant has good documentation, he may be allowed to stay for a year. If he cannot present documentary proof of citizenship, then he may be able to get an extension to stay until the next year. The attorney can help the client find ways to protect his rights under the law. In this way, the client has a better chance of succeeding in getting the extension he needs.

People with Criminal Records

For those who have criminal records, an immigration attorney can advise them on how to remain out of prison while they work towards their visa. If there is a chance of the individual becoming a victim of crime once they are deported, the lawyer can make sure that they hire a legal representative who will protect them from being victimized.