Securing your US visa from Abu Dhabi

We all need a vacation sometimes and going abroad to a country as the United States seem like the best option at times. For residents living in the United Arab Emirates here is how you can too apply for your US visa the rules don’t differ from emirate to emirate they remain the same for the entire United Arab Emirates.

You need a different type of visa if you are going there for tourism.. There is a different format of applying for visa for tourists like there is different format to apply for visa for immigrants and non-immigrants because tourists can help the country to run economy and separate formats help to know who is applying to shift in the country permanently.

To apply from Abu Dhabi for a visa for the United States:

  1. Figure out which type of visa you’ll be applying for example a business one or just as a tourist.
  2. Gather information on where you’re supposed to submit your visa application for it to get approved.
  3. Also ensure to complete the online application this is known as the DS-160 form you can fill it with the help of a third-party company.
  4. Pay the specified fees needed to get your visa application reviewed.
  5. Schedule an appointment for your USA visa from Abu Dhabi to talk and learn more about the process so you’re aware of all the details. You can also get to know about getting US citizenship by investment.
  6. Collect all the personal documents required for your visa and submit them in Abu Dhabi.
  7. You should have the confirmation page which states you have completed the online application.
  8. A valid passport will also be valid for the next 6 months otherwise your application will be denied.
  9. A recent photograph with not many significant differences.
  10. The receipt of your fee payment.
  11. If you have applied for a united states visa before that should also be included.
  12. A certificate from the authorities which shows your criminal record.
  13.  A letter stating your medical conditions. An invite letter to the US.
  14. You must also include the documents of being deported or being rejected by the visa for the United States in case that has happened.

Ensure to attend your visa appointment and preferably in formal attire and tone to make the best impression of yourself.