How to choose your abaya

Abaya is one of the most preferred outfit which is loved almost all the ladies from Arab countries. This dress is a signature of Arab ladies. An online abaya in Dubai or kaftan online in UAE is a long dress with long sleeves. This dress can give the proper outlook of a princess. From ancient times till now this thing is common in Arabs. Not only in Arabs, this dress is considered by many throughout the world. The colour in this dress is mostly black. And to be honest the black colour is the really grace oF this dress. It the classic colour of this dress. This dress really denotes the decency and elegance. Nowadays it comes in many different colours plus different fabric, styles, prints and cuts.

The abaya comes with two to three things which is totally lady’s own choice whether they want a hijab with abaya or Shayla with it. Abaya comes with hundreds of customizations now. It totally depends on you how you want your abaya to be. They are smooth and silky in style. It’s your choice whether you want for occasions or regular usage.

In abaya the most important part is the fabric. If you are not comfortable while wearing it then don’t buy it. This one is not for you look for another one which makes you feel comfortable. Most ladies don’t try it and buy it anyway which makes them uncomfortable later. You have to look for the size, the weight because you have to wear it and walk. If you can’t handle it then it will cause you trouble in every way. If the lady chooses more stones or embroidery on her abaya then it will be more in weight so it’s just a heads up before selecting abaya. Also ask every information about the abaya when buying online. Because if you won’t ask about the fabric it will be a problem later.

The abaya are totally dependent on weather and climate. You can’t wear a thick abaya in summer or otherwise you will be burning inside. Always observe and analyse the market and select the right option for right time.

The wearing style totally depends on the person who is wearing an abaya. Because some people light multicolour under their abaya and some like it in light colours. So, it depends. The selection of perfect abaya is time taking but after a while you will find the perfect one.