Getting the Best Out of Lowboy Trailers

Trailers are required to transfer heavy cargo from one place to another. There are many different types of trailers, each with a set of features making it suitable for certain kind of tasks:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Drop deck trailers
  • Double drop trailers
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Enclosed cargo trailers
  • Livestock trailer

The selection of the right trailer depends upon what you are transporting; get to know what the trailer is capable of before making the choice.

Lowboy also known as low bed trailers are heavy duty haulers especially used for cargo that is very tall height wise. Using a normal trailer with such height cargo may not have the highway clearances. These trailers come in handy having extra-low ground enabling the tallest of cargo to be transported.

Following are the key features of lowboy trailers

  • Low trailer bed height: with a very low bed height they are able to carry loads almost up to 12 feet tall. This is a unique feature of lowboys as compared to standard height trailers of around 60-62 inches. This ensures that equipment can be transferred with ease through all sorts of terrain – whether fields or highways.
  • Two drops: These trailers have two drops in height to facilitate tall cargo; one near the gooseneck and the other near the rear wheels.
  • Heavy load carrying capacity: Lowboy trailers are capable of carrying heavy loads almost around 100 tons, making them perfect for large pieces of equipment like cranes.

Uses of Lowboy Trailer

The unique features of the lowboy trailers allow them to be used in certain fields like:

  • Construction: High-rise building construction sites require large equipment like bull dozers, cranes and other heavy machinery on site. Lowboy trailers transport them all safely to the location and back.
  • Oil-fields: Oil-fields and oil storage terminals also require large equipment like drill rigs to be transported in very rough terrain. Lowboys with their robust structure are well suited for all kind of oilfields.
  • Farms: These trailers can easily lodge large and bulky machinery hence they are required in farms to move equipment like tractors around the fields or to nearby farms.
  • Heavy equipment transportation: Lowboy trailers are able to accommodate and transport any kind of heavy equipment within places like factories, mines, ports etc.

These low bed trailers are essential to have available wherever heavy duty large equipment is used or it would be next to impossible transporting any such thing.