Benefits to reap by securing a permanent visa

There are several countries that are very good to shift and people will try to get their visa in order to go there and achieve what they want in their life. One of the country and way to achieve their goals is to have the Greece permanent residence and there are a lot of benefits of going there in Greece. You need to read the following benefits before you go to apply for any country in order to get permanent residency:

To get the permanent residency you need to see that applying for this kind of residency needs to put some investment in that country and every country have different amount to be invested under this situation. When you re try in to get this type of residency then always see about the amount and make sure that you have that amount to show and invest. While talking about Greece you will see that it will have the lower amount to invest as compared to other countries of the same economy.

The visa which you need to apply for permanent residency in Greece is called as the golden visa and the best thing is that you can extend that and include any of your family members with you to migrate to Greece. These family members include your spouse, children of age less that 24 and parents of your or your spouse’s. When you get the golden visa then you can easily apply for them and get a visa for them too without any further complications. Your kids should be unmarried and student when you try to have them with your visa because when they are independent then you cannot apply them with your visa but they have to apply separately in some other category.

In most of the countries when you have their visa either temporary or permanent, you have the obligation to renew that visa or to live or certain duration before getting visa but in Greece you will not see any of these restrictions. You can have your permanent visa at any time without living there for a certain period of time and also there is no requirement of renewal. You can also get the facility to travel visa free in the countries that have the Schengen agreement and there are many countries included in that Schengen agreement.

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