Benefits of being a neurosurgeon

Disorders of Central and peripheral nervous system are treated by Neurologist in Dubai or neurosurgeon. The central nervous system includes the brain and the spinal cord whereas the peripheral nervous system consists of nerves. The Nervous system is a complex system in which messages are carried by the nerves to and from the brain and spinal cord to different parts of the body. The study of nervous system is quite rigorous and difficult. The one studying this field requires extensive learning and practice to become an expert. After graduation it takes minimum of 7 years to become neurosurgeon. Often, they study general surgery first and after that they move towards specialization of Neuro surgery.

Both neurosurgeon and the Neurologist diagnose and treat the disease but only neurosurgeon can do surgical treatment. Neurosurgeon or shoulder specialist in Dubai treats congenital diseases of brain and spine, infections of brain and spine, stroke and other diseases of spine and brain. It is a common misconception that neurosurgeons only treat the conditions of brain but in actual neurosurgeon mostly are treating spinal conditions. Spinal diseases like degenerative spinal disease, herniated disc, back pain and neck pain. As the nervous system is branched out into to almost all parts of the body so a body part that shows symptoms is treated which is  actually caused by the problems in central nervous system. Neurosurgeon do not directly perform surgical procedures on the patient but first try to manage the disease by treating with medications.

The career of a neurosurgeon is one of the most successful careers in the world. Neurosurgeon are paid a very good amount of money and other than that there are some benefits that are provided to neurosurgeon in their packages:

  • Residence is provided to both the dependent and resident doctors.
  • Neurosurgeon doctors are provided with dental insurance. 
  • In benefits everything related to Eye Care like lenses, contacts, frames, eye examinations everything is insured.
  • Both Healthcare reimbursement and dependent care reimbursement accounts are provided as required.
  • Life Insurance is also provided.
  • Neurosurgeons are provided with the facility of paid vacation each year for 21 days. Other than that holidays are allowed in case of medical conferences. 
  • Both maternity and paternity leave is provided with full pay after birth for a week to resident doctors.
  • After a year of employment, the hospital according to family medical leave act policy, allow 12 weeks of work leave.