Things to know before applying for Dubai family Visas

Many foreigners who are living in UAE with resident Visa can bring their families by applying for a UAE family Visa. It does not apply to everyone that has a resident Visa, because certain requirements need to be met before bringing them in Dubai.

Requirements to sponsor your family:

Before applying for a family Visa some following conditions must be completed?

  • The male resident should have a salary of 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED with the residence.
  • The female resident should have a salary of 10,000 AED or 8,000 AED with the residence.

Besides, family members have to provide a medical fitness test that is approved by the Government health center in Dubai. HIV and tuberculosis test is mandatory by the Government health center. They also don’t allow to same-sex-marriage relations. You may find many consultants who can guide you about family Visa and family visa renewal in Dubai.

Who you can sponsor for a Family Visa?

For the male resident, it is quite easy to sponsor their family member for a family Visa than a woman resident. If you are making and have resident Visa, then are allowed to bring the following family members:

Wife: Male residents are allowed to bring their wives, and if you are Muslim and have more than two wives, then you can sponsor only two wives for family Visa.

Sons: you can also sponsor your sons if they are under or over 18. But there is a restriction on visiting the UAE at least twice in a year, otherwise, family Visa can be canceled.

Daughters: this is applicable if your daughter is unmarried. If she is married then you cannot sponsor her.

Parents: you are also allowed to sponsor your parents but under certain conditions.

  • You have to deposit a handsome amount as a guarantee for parents.
  • You can sponsor both parents.
  • You have to get a medical insurance policy for them.
  • There is a restriction of a minimum of 20,000 salaries with the two-bedroom residence.

Required documents for family Visa:

  • Visa form.
  • Passport copies of family members.
  • Passport size picture of a family member.
  • Medical fitness certificate of family members who are over 18.
  • Sponsor’s employment certificate.
  • Monthly salary sheet of the person.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Accommodation proof
  • Latest utility bills.

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