FAQs about TRC

This is a description of the essence and utility of the Dubai Tax Residence Certificate (TRC). A tax residence certificate is classified as an official document issued by the respective authority confirming the tax residence of an enterprise or legal entity of the country. It is also known as a tax residence certificate.

In the UAE, the UAE Ministry of Finance issued the Tax Residence / Home certificate. The credential can be granted to a registered corporation in the UAE and persons in the UAE. One year after the date of the issue, the validity of a tax residence certificate is correct.

1. Can a UAE Offshore Company obtain a certificate of tax residence?

No, offshore businesses are considered for tax purposes as non-resident corporations and do not apply for UAE Tax Residency Certificates.

2. Who should apply for the UAE Certificate of Tax Residence?

The following companies can apply for the certificate of tax residence in the UAE.

Company citizen after 1 year of incorporation

Private investors / UAE Residency Visas workers (record of 180 UAE days (not continuous)

3. Should each person spend 180 consecutive days staying in UAE to fulfill the requirements of the MOF?

In the year before certificate applications, the Ministry of Finance established the condition that an individual applicant spends at the UAE at least 180 days (need not to be ongoing).

4. Does the application for a Tax Residency Certificate require a residential address within the UAE?

OK, it is compulsory to apply for the UAE Tax Residence Certificate to have a valid residential address in the UAE and a valid tenancy contract in the applicant’s name.

5. Is the argument of an Overseas Bank Account accepted?

International bank accounts are not approved by the Finance Ministry. The candidate must have a UAE personal bank account of at least 6 months in the UAE. The UAE bank must stamp bank statements (6 months).

6. Can the Certificate of Tax Residency be predated?

A person may receive backdated tax residency certificates from a corporation. Evidence of a residence permit, a bank account for six months, and a residence address for that time must be given to the claimant.

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