The Site Plan

The designs for the development are sympathetic to the area. They ensure that the existing views and rural outlook are maintained while the incorporation of extensive screening and landscaping will harmonise with the locality.

A thorough Impact Assessment has been conducted and concluded that there will be no significant impact on the local environment as a result of this development.

Originally the planning application for this development was submitted to South Derbyshire District Council as all relevant authorities felt this was a local authority issue. Since then, Derbyshire County Council has reconsidered its position and now feels that this is not a District Council decision and has invited us to resubmit the application to the County Council instead. The application will now be submitted to Derbyshire County Council during 2011.

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The UK currently gets around 5.5% of electricity from renewable sources and that will need to increase to around 30% to meet the 15% 2020 target for all energy. This development aims to help that aspiration become a reality.
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