Having identified a suitable site, situated next to Foston Prison, Midland Pig Producers is seeking planning permission for a pig farm with an associated biogas plant.

Leading pig production company Midland Pig Producers (MPP) is currently seeking planning approval for 30 acres of land adjacent to Foston Prison, Foston, Derbyshire, to develop a pig farm with an integral biogas plant to generate environmentally friendly energy.

This is potentially one of the most exciting developments in farming for many years, already hailed as the next Agricultural Revolution. If planning permission is granted, the site will inextricably link agriculture and environmentally-friendly power generation in a move that will bring further prosperity to the rural economy in the area.

It will also bring employment opportunities, both on-site where it is anticipated that nearly 20 jobs will be created and throughout the local area as associated contracts are fulfilled.

When complete, it is planned that the site will house 2500 sows and offspring in a state of the art unit, producing 1000 pigs a week for sale.

No smell

MPP is keen to assure people that there will be none of the usual smell normally associated with pig farms of any size.

Managing Director Martin Barker explains: “There will be three systems in place to ensure that all the gasses (which cause ‘the smell’) are retained for the biogas plant. If one system should fail the other two will still work preventing the ammonia and gasses escaping into the atmosphere.” Click here to find out more.

About Midland Pig Producers

Midland Pig Producers (MPP) is one of the largest pig production companies in the UK, producing over 100,000 pigs each year from 30 farms in eight counties and employing over 150 people.

MPP has been at the forefront of environmental research, having the first covered slurry lagoon in the country in addition to providing facilities to the Government to conduct scientific research into ammonia emissions, which now are used to set industry standards

MPP is part of the internationally recognised Genesis Quality Assurance scheme, which includes independent quarterly veterinary inspections to aid achievement of the highest animal welfare conditions.

MPP has representatives on many of the industry’s leading steering groups, including British Pig Health Scheme, National Pig Association, British Pig Executive steering groups.





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